Secklow Hundred Lodge No 9569

Lodge Number 9569 in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England

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About Secklow Hundred Lodge

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sSecklow Hundred Lodge derives its name from medieval times.  Secklow Hundred was an area which covered what is now the New Town of Milton Keynes.  In medieval times it was governed by the families who lived within the hundred.  The name was chosen by the founders to reflect their sincere wish to demonstrate, as responsible men and masons, their unqualified support for the principles of order and government once practised within the hundred.

The lodge was consecrated on 30th June 1995, at the Bletchley Masonic Centre.

The banner of the Lodge was dedicated at the Lodge's 38th meeting held on Friday, 17th January 2003 at the St. Giles Parish Rooms, Stony Stratford.  The minutes of this meeting show that 60 brethren were present in the Lodge.

In 1994 a group of London Masons tired of the constant trudge down to London decided to find somewhere local to practice their LOI’s. They began by using the business premises of W Bro. Les Haywood eventually moving to the larger premises of W Bro Norman Dawson. These meeting proved so successful and convenient one of the Bro’s suggested they form a Lodge here in Milton Keynes. With the consent of the others, W Bro Patrick Langston set about organising the new Lodge.  There were to be 14 original founders. Whilst planning the Consecration of the Lodge, the Founders chose the name Secklow Hundred to maintain that local link with the past. The Founders wanted to signify a Lodge comprising responsible men and Masons as well as their unqualified support for the principles of governance once practised on this spot.  The Lodge was Consecrated on the 30th of June 1995 at the Bletchley Masonic Hall. The Lodge Banner was later Dedicated at the St. Giles Masonic Hall, Stony Stratford on Friday 17th January 2003.  The Banner Dedication took place during the Mastership of W Bro Brian Franklin who was Honoured to be the first Initiate to attain the Master’s Chair of the Lodge.  The Dedication Ceremony was carried out by VW Bro Dr Nelson Hall, PDepGSwdB., APGM. Banner information - In Medieval times, the ‘Secklow Hundred’ covered an area which was broadly represented today by the Borough of Milton Keynes  In those days it was governed by representatives of the families living in the Hundred. The banner depicts the scene of a medieval Council settling a dispute in readiness to dispense justice according to the law. The place has now been identified as the highest point geographically within the Hundred. The Secklow Mound is near the present Civic Offices in the City Centre. Flanking this scene are two pillars with terrestrial and celestial orbs. Around the pillars are the names of the founders. The material is silk with embroidery and patchwork elements. The banner is rare in that it is the only one that is edged with printed silk and does not feature any cord braiding.

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