Secklow Hundred Lodge No 9569

Lodge Number 9569 in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England

Lodge of Instruction


Secklow Hundred Lodge takes pride in the quality of its ceremonies. The Founders determined that the workings would be exactly in accordance with Emulation Ritual. In order to ensure that our ceremonies provide the best experience for our candidates, regular Class of Instruction (COI) meetings are held each month.

This page is to act as a focus for the brethren of Secklow Hundred Lodge who are in Progressive Office. 


The main objective of any Lodge of Instruction is to help brethren learn and hopefully improve their contributions to the upcoming Lodge Meetings.  But, it should not be forgotten that the Lodge of Instruction should be fun as well.


Currently, Secklow Hundred's CoIs are held every Wednesday throughout the year and are intended to give members the opportunity of working in offices other than that which they actually hold in the Lodge. It is often the case that the experience of seeing a ceremony from a different perspective gives a better insight as to the intention of a ceremony, and helps with remembering one’s own role. All members in progressive office are expected to attend, whenever possible, the COI meetings. We also welcome visitors from other lodges, who are not only welcome to attend but indeed to participate. Because we adhere to Emulating Workings, the work should be consistent with most other lodges in the Province.


We also hold Officers’ Nights on the two Wednesdays immediately prior to each formal meeting. The ceremony is usually practised in full. All members in progressive office attend, and other members of the Lodge are welcome.


Each meeting during the Masonic year will call upon brethren in Progressive Office, as well as those in "Senior" Office to perform their part of the required ceremony.  This section has been created to allow each member of Secklow Hundred Lodge to be aware what is required.

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